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Studio Cody is looking for our next bareback pornstar. Could it be you?
Apply here to possibly become a Studio Cody pornstar.

We are currently hiring for the following websites:

  • Become a Studio Cody bareback pornstar.

    Do you have what it takes to be a Studio Cody Bareback Pornstar

    *We DO NOT work with models with covered faces.*

    Studio Cody produces bareback porn only. We pair by Serosorting, partners of the same HIV status. We do not test therefore,we prefer that our models are HIV positive at undetectable HIV levels. Models on a steady regiment of Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) will be considered as well. Generally, If you are HIV negative then you must be on PrEP to qualify to be a Studio Cody pornstar.

    A clear face and body photos are REQUIRED with the application. We do not hire based on a photo of your ass or your cock only. We also need to see your body type. Full frontal nude and erect penis are also required.

    Please note: Some browsers have difficulty sending attachments through our application. If you are unable to send it please just send us the application without your photos and CLICK HERE to email us your photos.


    • Can be shirtless or nude
    • Erection preferred


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    1. I hope you guys give me will look threw my images and consider me! I am down for anything and I love sex lol

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