Let’s Fuck Wins 2017 Best Movie Award

Let’s Fuck DVD has won the coveted Raven’s Eden 2017 Best Bareback Movie Award. Thank you to all the fans who voted for it and a huge thanks to pornstars Travis Woods, Ray Dalton, Chad Brock, Scott Pierson, Ryan Notts, Bubbie Kakes and to all of the guys who participated in the movie. Thank you also to the owners and staff at Ramrorod Bar for all of your hospitality. We couldn’t have done it without all of you.
We would also like to Congratulate Studio Cody Exclusive Cesar Xes for winning the “Smooth and Sexy” Award as well as Ale Tedesco and Antonio Molinas for their awards in “Needy Rosebud”. We couldn’t be happier for you.

Let's Fuck DVD by victorcodyxxx


Cesar’s Pleasures Begins Release

Jizzian is the fuck boy of Roman Senator Sexus but he is in love and lusts to have the seed of Emperor Cesar in his belly. He places his warm mouth on Cesar’s cock and begins licking and sucking. Jizzian pays special attention to Cesar’s uncut foreskin tasting his velvety cock and licking up and down the shaft then swaddling his balls in his wet mouth. Cesar moans with pleasure directing the commoner to deepthroat his massive cock. Cesar reclines against a stone column, as he commands to be serviced. Then Cesar bends Jizzian over and buries his huge raw cock in his ass. Jizzian screams with pleasurable pain, as Cesar bareback fucks him. He returns the boy to his bed and lifts his legs so he can pound his little hole. Cesar stands and continues to fill the boy with his raw cock, until he squirts his massive seed and fills Jizzian’s belly full. When they return to the Emperor’s chamber, Jizzian strokes out a massive load of cum, as the two bask in the glory of their pleasure filled secrets.



Kirby Kennedy with Boss Jackson on the Casting Couch

Just off the Casting Couch. Studio Cody Casting CouchBoss Jackson, better known as BJ, has wanted to suck cock on video his whole life. He finally lands his dream interview at Studio Cody. After a little probing Boss reveals his passion for cock sucking and ass eating and brags about how much of an expert he is. Victor calls in Kirby Kennedy and demands that Boss show him just how good he is at rimming and blowing dick. Boss is in heaven when Kirby reveals his massive cock from his underwear then demands Boss to suck it. Boss gags and slobbers as he takes Kirby’s throbbing cock down his throat. Kirby pushes it hard down Boss’s hungry mouth. Boss begs for more so Kirby turns around and spreads his ass cheeks. Boss dives right into Kirby’s puckered fuck hole and buries his face hard in it. Kirby turns over and the ass eating continues. Boss is rock hard and stroking his huge long cock so much that Kirby begs for it in his ass. Boss sits Kirby on his face for a time as tongue riding then he slides his wet slippery hole down onto Boss’s stiff rod. Boss gets Kirby on all fours and slides his cock back in just in time to fill Kirby’s gut with his massive load. Looks like Boss Jackson just made his dream cum true. Another pornstar born and bred for VictorCodyXXX



Fist and Fuck the Needy Rosebud

Needy Rosebud Fuck and Fist HoleAntonio Molinas has a hunger for a good fist and fuck A hunger in his belly that only a fist up the asshole and a hefty load of cum can satisfy. Ale Tedesco greases up his hand to deliver Antonio’s craving. Antonio takes his place in the sling and Ale steps up to open his needy rosebud. Fingers and then hand slide in, as Ale opens it up. Soon rotating hands are plunging in and out of Antonio’s ass, as his eyes roll back in his head. Ale’s huge uncut cock follows. He buries it as deep as possible, and begins to thrust. While barebacking Antonio, Ale reaches in and strokes his cock a bit, before pulling out and shooting his river of cum all over Antonio’s huge red rosebud hole. He finishes Antonio off by thrusting his cock back in for the final seed deposit.


Daddy Train Starring Daddy Ric

a202837_xlfDaddy Ric is hungry for a few hot loads of man seed so he calls a couple buds who show up with a couple other buds who bring their fuck buddies too. First Jay Ricci, Lanz Adams, Travis Woods, Alan and Jake Edwards get in line for a blowjob train. each after the other take turns pumping their cock into Daddy Ric’s hungry mouth. Then it is time for all aboard on the fuck train so Daddy Ric takes his place in the leather sling and opens his blonde hairy caboose up for the ride. The hot fuck studs take turns on his daddy hole delivering load after load up Daddies ass. The train leaves the station with Daddies asshole wet and gooey with man seed.


Cesar Xes Shares His Seed with Jayson Cummings

Jason Cummings has longed to hookup and take Cesar Xes seed so yesterday,

I threw the boys together in front of the camera for everyone to watch.

They hit it right off and Jayson immediately started sucking Cesars big uncut latin cock. Cesar feeds him all of it pushing his head down until Jayson is gagging in delight. Cesar then sucks on the boys hard black dick for a bit before he lubes his ass up and shoves it right in. Cesar started thrusting his ass and pounding him hard that the bed was bouncing off the floor. Then Cesar turned the boy on all fours and mounted him for even more pounding. Jayson’s ass in inialated by the time Cesar busts his hot creamy seed on the boys ass and then pushes it in to finish breeding and seeding him. Then he continues to fuck Jayson until his balls finally give in and Jayson releases his own sticky load all over the bed spread. I think this will be a pounding that Jayson will remember forever and a scene I know you are going to love.

Cesar Xes shares his seed

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Bareback Fuck Party Website Launched

Bareback Fuck Party website is the latest site launched in the STUDIO CODY Network of websites.

The site features free video and will update several times per week with the latest porn scenes from select studios. The focus of the site will be bareback sex, kink and cum. It has a good mix of boys, muscle, black and interracial along with group and orgy sex.

Free hardcore bareback videos at www.barebackfuckparty.com

PIGWEEK Ft. Lauderdale 2015 DVD Released

PIGWEEK Ft. Lauderdale 2015 DVD has been released. It is PIG WEEK 2015 in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and Victor Cody’s Gorilla Porn filming event at Leather Werks is the hottest sex event of the week. 7 Pornstars, 4 cameras and a room full of slings and fuck benches. Victor Cody, Chad Brock, Ray Dalton, Travis Woods, Dek Reckless, Steve Sommers and Jay Ricci serve their cocks, asses and loads up to each other and anyone else who wants to join. You can see it all in this epic, live, one time event where even the mascot for pig week gets his ass fucked.


PIGWEEK 2015 DVD by Victor Cody