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Victor Cody prides himself with over 15 years experience in photography and video services. We cover every aspect of production from start to finish to deliver the highest caliber of media to our clients.

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Studio Cody is a full service, exclusive only, content provider. We maintain a significant model base of gay talent in every size, type and niche available. Our stylish content is tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.
If you are a company seeking Victor’s unique and stylish photo/video content for your website / DVD, please 

us directly to discuss his qualifications and rates.


Studio Cody offers several options for men wanting superior professional photos by Victor Cody. You choose the type and style of your shoot which can range from fashion, artistic black and whites to complete erotic or fetish styles. Victor will lead you through posing and presenting yourself to his camera to give you images that highlight your best assets and depreciate your less desirable attributes. Depending on the type of shoot that you choose, most shoots are ready for pick up within 3 to 7 days of your photo shoot if not sooner. All of your images will be burned on to CD and after being verified by you, they will then be deleted from his camera card and computer. Studio Cody retains no copies and all rights to the images are yours. Photo shoots must be paid in full, in cash, the day of the shoot at the time of completion. Here is our basic packages and rates however we will do our best to accommodate you if what you need is not listed below.

Mini Shoot

For those just wanting a handful of quality photos suitable for online use and chats. Victor will spend approximately 30-45 minutes photographing you in (and out) of your choice of one outfit either in a home, studio or outdoors location. Most mini shoots average 100-125 images and are re-sized and optimized for internet usability.
COST – $150

Standard Shoot

Ideal for building a printable and internet portfolio with a range of looks and styles. On standard shoots you can expect to spend 3-4 hours in front of the camera with an unlimited amount of wardrobe changes and photographic styles at your discretion. You can choose from either studio, indoor or outdoor locations. Most standard photo shoots average 400-500 images and are rendered in high resolution size for quality printing as well as a copy re-sized and optimized for internet usability.
COST – $350

Day Shoot

For those camera hounds who just can’t get enough you can reserve an entire 6 hour day of photos with unlimited photo styles, unlimited wardrobe changes and unlimited locations. Please be aware that changing multiple locations and styles can reduce the number of images you get within the time range allotted. You can usually expect up to or in excess of 1000 quality images that will be rendered in high resolution size for quality printing and also re-sized and optimized for internet usability.
COST – $500


Studio Cody offers video services of an adult X rated erotic nature. We do not typically do other styles of video however Victor will sometimes make an exception. so please feel free to
Contact Victor
directly if you have a specific video project need to fulfill. Our superior and stylish video is shot in HD 1080p format with profession video recorders and lighting. You can choose from a location of your own or from a limited list of locations offered by us. Video can be rendered raw (VLC Media File from the camera or edited in whatever video format you choose to have it in. It will be delivered to you by your choice of methods either on DVD or via the internet. Please note that some video packages do not include editing but that the rate is optionally listed in the pricing. Edited video includes transitional effects if necessary along with the option of a text introduction and ending as well as watermarking to ensure you video is not used deceitfully by anyone else. Upon delivery and verification of the content the video will be deleted from cameras and computer and you will own all exclusive rights of your video.

Single Solo

Perfect for the exhibitionist or individual wanting to show themselves to others on video. For a single solo we will spend up to 30 minutes of video record time. Your video will be fully edited and optional effects are included. COST – $425

*additional video still photos (approximately 25-35 images), Cost – $50

Duo Sex Scene

Perfect for couples wanting a private video with one another or for the exhibitionist wanting to show themselves with another person on video. You get up to approximately one hour of video record time. Your video will be fully edited with your choice of optional effects included. COST – $550

*additional video still photos, (approximately 25-35 images) COST – $50

Group Sex or Storyline Scene

This is for persons wanting multiple (up to 4) partners in their video or those who would like an extra location story line beginning, for example you drive up in your car and pick a guy up from off the street. You get approximately one and a half hours of record time or two hours of videographer on set, after set up, or whichever is greater. You also get your choice of one or two recording locations.

*Raw video in .mov format Cost – $550

*Fully edited with your choice of optional effects included. COST – $650

*additional video still photos (approximately 100 images) included for free.

Orgy Sex or complicated story line Scene

For the real sex freak. We use two cameras and spend up to 4 hours total time on set to video record your scene. You get unlimited number of partners and up to two locations of filming.

*Raw video in .mov format Cost – $750

*Fully edited with your choice of optional effects included. COST – $900

*additional video still photos (approximately 100 images) included for free.

Yours for the Day

For the absolute total video phene. We spend up to 8 hours with you recording whatever you want or need as time allows. You get unlimited number of partners, set changes and filming locations.

*Base rate for raw video in .mov format Cost – $1,000.

*Base rate for raw video with additional Camera (optional or mandatory for more than 4 people in video) Cost – $350

*Fully edited with your choice of optional effects included. COST – 1 camera $1,200 – 2 cameras $1,500

*additional video still photos (approximately 100+ images) included for free.



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