69 Fuck Street – Operator Assistance

69 Fuck Street Operator Assistance
When a critical emergency call comes in to 69 Fuck Street the dispatcher tries to remedy the situation over the phone but since the nearest agent is an hour away he realizes that he must act fast and on his own if he is going to save this man from his sexual emergency. When Agent Xes arrives he is met by a worried friend of Jackson Cross who has slipped into a chronic masturbatory state. Agent Xes immediately goes to work and excuses the friend, removes his clothes and pries Jackson’s hand from his cock and begins sucking on it. It takes awhile for Jackson to begin responding. When Cesar hears his moans he knows he is ready for the next step towards recovery and so he mounts up and slides his round ass onto Jackson’s aching, throbbing boner. After some good cock riding Jackson continues to improve to the point he turns Cesar over onto his back and begins thrusting on his own. Jackson plows his savior’s ass until he fucks the cum right out of him followed by a massive release of his own cum. Agent Xes has saved Jackson from his demise and performed his duty like only a trained 69 Fuck Street agent can.


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