Cesar Xes Shares His Seed with Jayson Cummings

Jason Cummings has longed to hookup and take Cesar Xes seed so yesterday,

I threw the boys together in front of the camera for everyone to watch.

They hit it right off and Jayson immediately started sucking Cesars big uncut latin cock. Cesar feeds him all of it pushing his head down until Jayson is gagging in delight. Cesar then sucks on the boys hard black dick for a bit before he lubes his ass up and shoves it right in. Cesar started thrusting his ass and pounding him hard that the bed was bouncing off the floor. Then Cesar turned the boy on all fours and mounted him for even more pounding. Jayson’s ass in inialated by the time Cesar busts his hot creamy seed on the boys ass and then pushes it in to finish breeding and seeding him. Then he continues to fuck Jayson until his balls finally give in and Jayson releases his own sticky load all over the bed spread. I think this will be a pounding that Jayson will remember forever and a scene I know you are going to love.

Cesar Xes shares his seed

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