Victorcodyxxx PIGWEEK 2017 Filming and Events

It is Pigweek time again from Nov. 28 to Dec. 4th, and we are gearing up for one hell of a “fucking” good time. We are filming a private bukakke scene and duo at an undisclosed public location on Thursday the 30th. Then we have a packed pornstar house for the live filming event of the year for the award nominated Pigweek DVD series on Friday night at Leatherworks. This year we have Leo Donato, Milan Gamiani, Alejandro Avila, Landon Kovac, Sterling Johnson and Ray Dalton is joining us again this year.
Tops are welcome to join us for a private gang bang where a group of tops will be breeding Sterling Johnson on video. Sunday be sure to join us for the Pornstar Pool Party at Inn Leather and the closing party pig roast at Ramrod Bar afterwards.
If you would like more information about this week long event go to If you would like to participate in the filming drop us a couple photos and your text number and we will let you know whats going on.

Victorcodyxxx at Pigweek 2017

Let’s Fuck Wins 2017 Best Movie Award

Let’s Fuck DVD has won the coveted Raven’s Eden 2017 Best Bareback Movie Award. Thank you to all the fans who voted for it and a huge thanks to pornstars Travis Woods, Ray Dalton, Chad Brock, Scott Pierson, Ryan Notts, Bubbie Kakes and to all of the guys who participated in the movie. Thank you also to the owners and staff at Ramrorod Bar for all of your hospitality. We couldn’t have done it without all of you.
We would also like to Congratulate Studio Cody Exclusive Cesar Xes for winning the “Smooth and Sexy” Award as well as Ale Tedesco and Antonio Molinas for their awards in “Needy Rosebud”. We couldn’t be happier for you.

Let's Fuck DVD by victorcodyxxx


Victor Cody Strokes Out A Hefty Load

Victor Cody strokes out a hefty load in the warm tropical sun. He is horned up and whips out his 8 inch cock out of his white cotton briefs and start stroking up a boner. Things get hotter and hotter, as Victor pounds out a thick and hefty load of cum that will have many wanting to lick it from his sweaty stomach.

Watch the Entire Scene

Cesar’s Pleasures Begins Release

Jizzian is the fuck boy of Roman Senator Sexus but he is in love and lusts to have the seed of Emperor Cesar in his belly. He places his warm mouth on Cesar’s cock and begins licking and sucking. Jizzian pays special attention to Cesar’s uncut foreskin tasting his velvety cock and licking up and down the shaft then swaddling his balls in his wet mouth. Cesar moans with pleasure directing the commoner to deepthroat his massive cock. Cesar reclines against a stone column, as he commands to be serviced. Then Cesar bends Jizzian over and buries his huge raw cock in his ass. Jizzian screams with pleasurable pain, as Cesar bareback fucks him. He returns the boy to his bed and lifts his legs so he can pound his little hole. Cesar stands and continues to fill the boy with his raw cock, until he squirts his massive seed and fills Jizzian’s belly full. When they return to the Emperor’s chamber, Jizzian strokes out a massive load of cum, as the two bask in the glory of their pleasure filled secrets.



Kirby Kennedy with Boss Jackson on the Casting Couch

Just off the Casting Couch. Studio Cody Casting CouchBoss Jackson, better known as BJ, has wanted to suck cock on video his whole life. He finally lands his dream interview at Studio Cody. After a little probing Boss reveals his passion for cock sucking and ass eating and brags about how much of an expert he is. Victor calls in Kirby Kennedy and demands that Boss show him just how good he is at rimming and blowing dick. Boss is in heaven when Kirby reveals his massive cock from his underwear then demands Boss to suck it. Boss gags and slobbers as he takes Kirby’s throbbing cock down his throat. Kirby pushes it hard down Boss’s hungry mouth. Boss begs for more so Kirby turns around and spreads his ass cheeks. Boss dives right into Kirby’s puckered fuck hole and buries his face hard in it. Kirby turns over and the ass eating continues. Boss is rock hard and stroking his huge long cock so much that Kirby begs for it in his ass. Boss sits Kirby on his face for a time as tongue riding then he slides his wet slippery hole down onto Boss’s stiff rod. Boss gets Kirby on all fours and slides his cock back in just in time to fill Kirby’s gut with his massive load. Looks like Boss Jackson just made his dream cum true. Another pornstar born and bred for VictorCodyXXX


Victor Cody Breeds Mark Yates

Victor Cody fucks Mark YatesLittle Mark Yates is a slacker who would rather lay around listening to music and play with his cock than do his chores. But little Mark is happy to do what his daddy asks, in trade for some cock up his little tight boy hole. Daddy Vic gets down and starts sucking on the boy’s already stiff cock. Vic then stands up and gives Mark a mouthful of daddy dick, shoving it in his mouth and down his throat. Vic loves to eat ass and goes to town rimming out the boy’s tender hole. Mark moans with pleasure until he begs for Vic’s big raw cock up the ass. Daddy Vic spits on it good and slides in bareback for a hot round of thrusting. Little Mark eventually gets turned over and daddy fucks a warm cum load right out of him, before busting one of his own and breeding his little hole.Directed by Victor Cody for Barebackmedaddy


Guy Sizemore and Victor Cody Breed Kirby Kennedy

Victor Cody and Guy Sizemore breed Kirby KenedyKirby Kennedy has his hands and ass in a bind. When agents arrive they find that Jack Saint has left Kirby taped and bound with ass up waiting to be fucked and bred. Supervisor Cody arrives on the scene and wastes no time in getting a nice taste of Kirby’s fresh bred hole. After a good tongue inspection Captain Cody slides his rod in and probes Kirby’s hole. Kirby moans in ecstasy as Cody pumps his cock in and out until he busts a torrent of cum all over and into his bound fuck hole. Then agent Sizemore shows up on the fuck scene to investigate Kirby’s hole for himself. He slurps up the cum and slides his huge cock balls deep into his wet warm asshole. Agent Sizemore is so determined he even mounts Kirby’s big dick and takes it for a ride. Kirby finally gets the release he needs and sprays cum like a shower while Joe pounds his ass mercilessly.



Victor Cody Receives 20+ Ravens Eden Award Nominations

The 2016 nominations are in and Victor Cody, Victorcodyxxx and our models have received over 20 porn award nominations from The Ravens Eden Awards.

Nominations include Best Cum Shot, (Victor won last year), Best Director and 3, yes 3, Best Bareback Movie nominations. Studio Cody Exclusive Cesar Xes has 3 nominations including Best Ass.
“I love all my friends, followers and fans. I do it for you and couldn’t do it without you. I am so very humbled by this. Thank you so much guys.”
Please go to the 2016 Ravens Eden Awards website and cast your votes for us.

Back Yard Fuck Buddies

Back Yard Guys Fucking all over the Neighborhood.Victor Cody’s backyard is infested with horny guys waiting to take and deposit their loads with one another. Join Victor for an afternoon of fucking and bareback breeding in his very own back yard. You will want to cum to his neighborhood to relieve those aching balls.



Fist and Fuck the Needy Rosebud

Needy Rosebud Fuck and Fist HoleAntonio Molinas has a hunger for a good fist and fuck A hunger in his belly that only a fist up the asshole and a hefty load of cum can satisfy. Ale Tedesco greases up his hand to deliver Antonio’s craving. Antonio takes his place in the sling and Ale steps up to open his needy rosebud. Fingers and then hand slide in, as Ale opens it up. Soon rotating hands are plunging in and out of Antonio’s ass, as his eyes roll back in his head. Ale’s huge uncut cock follows. He buries it as deep as possible, and begins to thrust. While barebacking Antonio, Ale reaches in and strokes his cock a bit, before pulling out and shooting his river of cum all over Antonio’s huge red rosebud hole. He finishes Antonio off by thrusting his cock back in for the final seed deposit.


Daddy Train Starring Daddy Ric

a202837_xlfDaddy Ric is hungry for a few hot loads of man seed so he calls a couple buds who show up with a couple other buds who bring their fuck buddies too. First Jay Ricci, Lanz Adams, Travis Woods, Alan and Jake Edwards get in line for a blowjob train. each after the other take turns pumping their cock into Daddy Ric’s hungry mouth. Then it is time for all aboard on the fuck train so Daddy Ric takes his place in the leather sling and opens his blonde hairy caboose up for the ride. The hot fuck studs take turns on his daddy hole delivering load after load up Daddies ass. The train leaves the station with Daddies asshole wet and gooey with man seed.


Victor Cody gets fucked. Or does he?

Josh Landau has wanted to fuck Victor Cody for a long time. When they finally meet, Josh has too much to drink and is offered a room at Victor’s house. Victor loves white briefs and begins to lick, suck, rip and chew josh’s young ass right out of them. Victor then bends Josh over, slides his big raw cock in and barebacks his ass. Next, Victor gets his own hole fucked furiously by Josh. it doesn’t take long until Victor’s cum load is flying out all over the floor. For Josh, it is all too good to be true, until Victor wakes him from his dream and tells him to take his fucked up ass to the spare room..


Victor Cody Always has his cock in someone!

Victor Cody Always has his cock in someone. This time it is lucky bottom Eden Stone.

Horny men are gathered around the pool and Victor Cody gets the pig roast party in full swing when he sees a hungry ass laying lonely by the pool. Victor goes right over and slides his cock up Eden Stone’s hungry ass. After he barebacks him good and deep, Mitch Clayton gets in on the action and takes his turn. They all move to a chair, so Eden can suck cock and get fucked, as Victor mounts and butt fucks him again, until he busts his sticky cum load all over his wide open ass.


Hard Nut to Crack

69 Fuck street Hard Nut to Crack Josh Landau is a hard nut to crack. He hasn’t cum in way too long and Cole Sexton might be just what he needs to help. The two start by some kissing and fondling and soon both men have their mouths full of one another’s big beautiful cock. After some 69 to get things started they move onto rimming. Josh spreads Cole’s ass open and slides his tongue in as Cole moans with delight, but when Josh slides his cock in Cole’s tight asshole he soon screams with pleasure. After a hot butt fucking Cole then turns the tables and pushes his own cock up Josh’s eager hungry hole. He pounds his cock balls deep until he is thrusting and sweating and all his muscles are flexing. Cole continues to fuck and thrust until he finally lets go of his man juice and floods Josh’s gaping asshole with his seed. Josh Landau just got his ass pounded and bred good but he is hungry for more. Victor Cody steps up to the challenge. Victor begins by getting a big taste of Josh’s freshly seeded asshole and a taste of his hard cock. Victor then shoves his cock into Josh’s mouth until it is throbbing and so stiff he can’t refrain from sticking it in Josh’s ass. Victor fucks him one way then another and another. He pounds his cock deep into Josh’s ass and continues to plow it deep. Victor then grabs Josh by the leg and stands up so he can sink his big thick meat as deep as he can. Victor releases a huge white gob of cum before sticking it in to finish. Josh is left without satisfaction so he takes his big matter into his own hand and strokes a load out so massive that even his face is covered in his creamy man juice.


69 Fuck Street – Operator Assistance

69 Fuck Street Operator Assistance
When a critical emergency call comes in to 69 Fuck Street the dispatcher tries to remedy the situation over the phone but since the nearest agent is an hour away he realizes that he must act fast and on his own if he is going to save this man from his sexual emergency. When Agent Xes arrives he is met by a worried friend of Jackson Cross who has slipped into a chronic masturbatory state. Agent Xes immediately goes to work and excuses the friend, removes his clothes and pries Jackson’s hand from his cock and begins sucking on it. It takes awhile for Jackson to begin responding. When Cesar hears his moans he knows he is ready for the next step towards recovery and so he mounts up and slides his round ass onto Jackson’s aching, throbbing boner. After some good cock riding Jackson continues to improve to the point he turns Cesar over onto his back and begins thrusting on his own. Jackson plows his savior’s ass until he fucks the cum right out of him followed by a massive release of his own cum. Agent Xes has saved Jackson from his demise and performed his duty like only a trained 69 Fuck Street agent can.


Welcum home Bo Bangor

I am really happy to welcome Bo Bangor back to Studio Cody. Several years back I would see Bo around town and of course his unique look, beautiful muscles, ink covered body and rugged face with a mohawk, captured my attention every time.

I finally talked him into coming over and doing a solo for all-americanheroes who I was filming for at the time. Eventually it evolved to blow jobs and then all out fucking. He was quite popular on the site so I got to cast him semi regularly. I cast Bo in a couple of other scenes for other clients as well and then I stopped filming for AAH and my clients changed and he no longer fit the niches that I began filming. Bo went on to work for several other well known companies and has since worked with some wonderful names in the industry. I have always been very pleased to see him out there being shared with all the horny men of the world.
Yesterday, I had Bo Bangor back at Studio Cody and on my set filming for barebackmedaddy. He has some great scenes already scheduled for victorcodyxxx as well. I am delighted to have Bo back in the stable of men at Studio Cody. He was born here and is again being bred here. Welcome home Bo. It is great to have you home again stud!

 Bo Bangor at Studio Cody

Daemon Sadi breeds Donny Ray’s ass.

Here is really hot ass scene that I recently shot for I have worked with little Donnie Ray several times and you can see Daemon Sadi on as well. I thought that Donnie would make a great fuckboy for Demon and man was I ever right. There is just something about Donnie choking and gagging on that big fat black daddy cock that thrills me in the balls. You don’t want to miss Daemon Sadi breeding little Donnie Ray’s tight boy hole.

Cesar Xes Shares His Seed with Jayson Cummings

Jason Cummings has longed to hookup and take Cesar Xes seed so yesterday,

I threw the boys together in front of the camera for everyone to watch.

They hit it right off and Jayson immediately started sucking Cesars big uncut latin cock. Cesar feeds him all of it pushing his head down until Jayson is gagging in delight. Cesar then sucks on the boys hard black dick for a bit before he lubes his ass up and shoves it right in. Cesar started thrusting his ass and pounding him hard that the bed was bouncing off the floor. Then Cesar turned the boy on all fours and mounted him for even more pounding. Jayson’s ass in inialated by the time Cesar busts his hot creamy seed on the boys ass and then pushes it in to finish breeding and seeding him. Then he continues to fuck Jayson until his balls finally give in and Jayson releases his own sticky load all over the bed spread. I think this will be a pounding that Jayson will remember forever and a scene I know you are going to love.

Cesar Xes shares his seed

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Let’s Fuck is Selling Like Mancakes.

LET’S FUCK is currently the top video rental at Southern Nights Video Store in Atlanta and it is flying off the shelves all over the US and Europe. The name says it All. LET’S FUCK features Victor Cody, Ray Dalton, Chad Brock, Dek Reckless, Travis Woods, with New Comers Ryan Notts and Scott Pierson. You will love the hardcore action of these men being pissed on, flogged, spanked, double penetrated, fucked and used hard. Men want to FUCK and FUCK is exactly what these men do!

Let's Fuck DVD by victorcodyxxx


Bareback Fuck Party Website Launched

Bareback Fuck Party website is the latest site launched in the STUDIO CODY Network of websites.

The site features free video and will update several times per week with the latest porn scenes from select studios. The focus of the site will be bareback sex, kink and cum. It has a good mix of boys, muscle, black and interracial along with group and orgy sex.

Free hardcore bareback videos at

PIGWEEK Ft. Lauderdale 2015 DVD Released

PIGWEEK Ft. Lauderdale 2015 DVD has been released. It is PIG WEEK 2015 in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and Victor Cody’s Gorilla Porn filming event at Leather Werks is the hottest sex event of the week. 7 Pornstars, 4 cameras and a room full of slings and fuck benches. Victor Cody, Chad Brock, Ray Dalton, Travis Woods, Dek Reckless, Steve Sommers and Jay Ricci serve their cocks, asses and loads up to each other and anyone else who wants to join. You can see it all in this epic, live, one time event where even the mascot for pig week gets his ass fucked.


PIGWEEK 2015 DVD by Victor Cody

Travis Woods Barebacks Josh Landau

It is going to be a great interview when Travis Woods barebacks Josh Landau to secure the job deal.

Josh really needs a job and is willing to do whatever, or whoever, he needs in order to get it. Daddy begins by having the boy suck on his big banana cock. Josh gulps on his big daddy cock devouring it like it’s his last meal. Travis undresses Josh and gets a good taste of the young boys massive hard cock. He rims the white tender ass and delivers his tongue as far up the boys asshole as he can possibly reach. Then Travis bends the boy over and shoves his rock hard cock balls deep and barebacks the boy’s tender hole. The boss takes all he needs, as he barebacks his young applicant on the sofa, on his desk and in his office chair. Daddy then gives the boy his massive cum load, which he spews allover Josh’s wet hole then takes his cock and shoves all his creamy cum into Josh’s ass. That was all kinky bareback bottom boy Josh Landau needed to bust his nut and leaves Travis a sticky gooey mess of boy cum to lick up.


Studio Cody Signs Cesar Xes as Newest Exclusive Model

(Feb. 5th, 2016 Fort Lauderdale Florida)

Studio Cody is pleased to announce Cesar Xes as their newest exclusive model.

Casar is 32, of latin descent and was born and raised in Philadelphia. Cesar got his start in porn as a twink but has since grown into a hot young man with a beautiful round bubbled ass and an 8 inch fat uncut cock.
“From the first time I met Cesar we clicked. I knew that he was someone I wanted to work with and I have had the opportunity to star with him as well as film him for barebackmedaddy scenes. I am super excited about getting him as a regular on” says Victor. “He brings a lot to the set. His attitude is always fun but professional and he has the personal sexual prowess that translates great on film. I know that my members are going to love him”.

Cesar can be seen in the recent “Daddy Issues” and “Fuck Me Ray” DVDs produced for barebackmedaddy, filmed and directed by Victor Cody. He also has a couple of other scenes for them pending release.

Studio Cody Exclusive Cesar Xes


Fuck Me Ray Filmed and Directed by Victor Cody

Fans of muscular daddy Ray Dalton already know the value of the “Fuck Me Ray” collection

I am proud to have been able to direct and film the Fuck Me Ray DVD, featuring the man himself Ray Dalton, for Barebackmedaddy.

This masculine muscular powerhouse backs up his reputation as a big cock top daddy who takes no prisoners and leaves his boys begging for more. Sometimes with the help from friends, he breeds the cum out of these boys and loads up their young ass just the way that you would expect a dominate good daddy to do. It is the master at work, and you have a front row seat for all the ass pounding butt fucking action.
Fuck Me Ray Dalton


Victor Cody filming Ale Tedesco.

What a great time filming legend Ale Tedesco for victorcodyxxx.

Ale and I follow one another on Twitter and arranged to work together while he was visiting the US. As luck would have it my arranged bottom dropped out at the last minute and I ended up filming Ale Tedesco with his hot Italian, first time in a porn scene, partner, Antonio Molinas. The men are smoking hot and the action is more than one handful. Pun intended.

Ale is everything I knew he would be. A consummate profession. Hot as hell, sweet as hell, happy as hell and has one hot sexual prowess not to mention his suave accent and big gorgeous yummy uncut cock. He is truly the man that we all dream and fantasize about.
Ale Tedesco < for

Victor Cody Fucks The Cum Out Of Tom Zhaner

Victor Cody fucks the cum out of Tom Zhaner. It is Thursday night and the beginning of Southern Decadence. The Rawhide, in New Orleans, is overflowing with horned up studly men there to attend Victor Cody’s Porno Daddy Party. slender otter Tom Zahner is on the prowl for a man to fuck the cum out of his aching balls and to feed his ass with some loads. When Victor steps outside to get some air, Tom follows and offers up his little tight ass for the taking. It is an offer Victor cannot refuse so they head over to Victor’s French Quarter rental. They are hardly through the door before Victor gets a mouthful of Tom’s fat cock and is shoving his tongue up his asshole. After Tom gets a good taste of Victor’s cock he lifts his legs and gets his ass filled. Victor bends him over and relentlessly pounds his cock balls deep. Finally, while barebacking his tight ass doggy style, Victor unloads and fills his hungry asshole with the cum he was needing. Tom then gets up on Victors freshly spent cock and rides it until soaks Victor’s chest with a pool of his own cum. A pool of cum that Victor greedily grabs and eats.

Cum behind the scenes with Victor Cody

Everyone always asks to cum behind the scenes with me on a porn shoot.

In this scene shot for barebackmedaddyyou get to Cum with Victor Cody, as he films Ray Dalton bareback fucking Colton Seude pool-side at the famous Club Fort Lauderdale. You will get to watch the entire fuck fest on video. It is a front seat for a bareback buttfucking show that will have you dripping down your leg and slobbering on your chin.


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Chad Brock, Ray Dalton and Victor Cody Double Penetrating and Gang Banging Deck Reckless

It is an all out double penetrating fuckfest when Chad Brock, Ray Dalton and Victor Cody Gang Bang Deck Reckless.
Dek Reckless loves big cock up his asshole. He even likes 2 cocks at once. Knowing that Chad Brock and Ray Dalton would be at Victor Cody’s house, Dek brings his hungry little ass over for some hardcore bareback action.  Victor picks up the camera and the ass breeding bareback fuck party begins. Ray and Chad start off by spit roasting Dek, each taking his turn on that sweet tight ass. Having one cock is not enough and the boy mounts up on two daddy cocks for the  double penetration ride of his life. Then Victor hands the camera off and leaves his first hot sticky cum load to serve as lube for his friends. Chad fucks the hell out of him until he squirts a huge nut, and then Victor delivers another before Ray pumps his seed right up that hungry little slut hole.



And the Award for ” Best CumShot ” goes to…Victor Cody.

Thank you to all of my fans who voted for me and who enjoy what I do. I am both honored and thankful. Also a huge congratulations to all the other winners, several of which I have worked with and some I have future plans to work with. Thank you Ravens Eden Award for the opportunity to be recognized in my industry.

Fill and Drill, starring Victor Cody and Jake Marshall

Fill and Drill, starring Victor Cody and Jake Marshall

Two Loads in the Ass and One in the Mouth

Delivering the First Load

Delivering the First Load

Victor Cody is all horned up, stroking his long hard cock when Jake Marshall arrives to help relieve him of the loads his aching balls are full of. After getting his cock sucked Victor turns Jake over for a good old fashion tongue fucking. When his throbbing cock is dripping and he can take no more, Victor slides in cock balls deep into Jakes hairy tight ass and begins to slowly fuck him until he spews his massive load on Jakes asshole and then shoves it in, filling him full of his yummy DNA. But the action is only beginning as Victor takes full advantage of Jakes hungry ass and continues to breed him until the first load of cum is running out covering Jakes balls and soaking the bed sheets. After Victor fucks his first load out of Jake he blows an even larger second load that fills Jake’s cum sloppy hole clear to the brim. Being the true gentleman that he is Jake returns his own salty load right in Victor’s mouth. Just the protein Victor needs to replace what he has diminished.
Watch this impressive scene exclusively on victorcodyxxx or purchase it on the “Double Stuff and Cream” DVD

Real Life Couple Jake Norris and Coach Austin

Jake Norris and Coach Austin

Jake Norris and Coach Austin

Jake loves ass and Coach loves hard raw cock so when this real life couple get it on you just know it is going to be one hot fuck scene. Jake is watching porn and that is all Coach needs to know it’s time for some Jake muscle. Coach explores Jakes beautiful body with his hands and tongue until he can take no more and must have a taste of his beautiful cock too. Soon Jake has Coach undressed and throws him on the bed where he returns the favor then moves his hands down to his eager puckered man hole. Jake becomes just as eager and slides his hard dick balls deep into Coaches sweet muscled ass. Coach feels every inch as he moans and screams until they change positions and Coach blows his creamy load all over Jake’s beautiful abs and chest as Jake pumps into coaches belly. It is a bareback muscle daddy scene that will leave you dripping in your jeans. Watch it now, exclusively on victorcodyxxx or purchase the “Need for Seed” DVD.

Rimming Cody Valentine

Victor Cody Eats Cody Valentines Ass

Victor Cody Eats Cody Valentines Ass

Victor Cody loves rimming a hot ass and when Cody Valentine offers his up for the taking Victor wastes no time. He licks lightly up the sides until the soft fuzz on Cody’s ass is standing erect. This just drives Victor even more crazy. The soft moans of Cody combined with the low growl coming from Victor is enough to drive any ass eater crazy. Travis Woods then enters and the tag teaming soon begins. By then Victor’s hard cock is oozing and dripping with precum it is time to slide his cock in the wet spit covered hole for what becomes the first of two massive cumshots from Victor Cody. Watch this explosive scene “butty System” exclusively on victorcodyxxx or purchase it on the “Double Stuff and Cream” DVD.

No Other Cumeater Like Eaten Spunk

Cum Eater Eaten Spunk

Cum Eater Eaten Spunk

Daddy Eaten Spunk loves the taste of cum and he is just enough of a gentleman to jack a boy off while he fucks him. It is Memorial Day and the party is just getting started. Good think the boy brought Eaten something warm and salty to snack on. Eaten is hiding the sausage and thier carnal hunger is just what the party needed. See Memorial Day fuckfest exclusively on Victorcodyxxx or on DVD.

Travis Woods loves a sloppy blowjob in “Having a Blast”.

Choke on it bitch!

Choke on it bitch!

Rick Jagger can’t get enough of Travis Woods’ cock and Travis is equally taken by Rick’s wet hole. After exchanging blowjobs, Rick moves into position and mounts Travis’s throbbing hard banana and takes it balls deep, getting pounded long and hard. Travis bends him over and piles his manhood deep into ricks belly. Rick cannot get enough and turns over on his back to get it missionary style. Travis is eager tpo keep driving and gives the cock whore all that he has. After several positions. It is all hardcore bareback ass pounding action, until Travis finally erupts, leaving Rick to go home with cum dripping out of his ass.

Watch this nasty hardcore bareback scene exclusively on victorcodyxxx or purchase it on the “Double Stuff and Cream” DVD

New DVD – “Double Stuff and Cream” Now Available

The newest film “Double Stuff and Cream” by victorcodyxxx has just been released. Victor Cody is the double cumshot King who has himself in a hot, sticky mess of his own cum, delivering two massive double loads in 3 scenes. His first load is leaking out of Jake Marshall as he pumps the next in. Then it is explosive as Cody Valentine gets double stuffed and cum filled by Cody and Travis Woods. The creamy cumshots continue one after the other when Jackson Thomas stops by unexpectedly, and do not lose your fleshjack because Victor will cum in that too, as he does in Lost and Pound.


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Victorcodyxxx Nominated for A Cybersocket Award

Studio Cody and the CJXXX network is thrilled to announce that Victorcodyxxx has been nominated for A Cybersocket award in the category of Best New Website. Despite the fact that the site is brand new it is already being recognized as a contender for an award. Please show your love and support by clicking on the banner below and casting your vote for

Victorcodyxxx nominated for Best New Website by Cybersocket

Vote for Victorcodyxxx as Best New Website

Sexy Silver Daddy Jake Marshall Spills His Juice

Sexy Daddy Jake Marshall is one of those handsome and hung daddies that you just can’t get enough of. He is strong, masculine and horned up so when he doesn’t have a hole to fuck or a hot throbbing cock to pump his hole, this horny man takes things into his own hand. Join Jake, as he rubs his hairy body and teases you with his hairy manhole. You will love how he grasps his thick daddy cock and pounds out a torrent of warm cum that covers his belly, You can almost smell his salty musky spunk and you will long to be the one who licks up every hot creamy drop of hot spunk off of sexy daddy Jake Marshall.


Invitation to Cum – and gang bang Cody Valentine

Victor is having a gang bang party and Cody Valentine’s ass is the party favor. Cody lubes his ass and prepares to serve it up to any guest who wants it. William King is the first to discover him and shoves his raging boner in his mouth before William’s big cock helps its self to a huge helping of Cody’s hairy ass. He leaves a sticky cum filled hole for gargantous cock Karl Frederick who has no mercy and pounds Cody’s little hole until his eyes are bulging out. By the time Jay Arricci arrives to the banquet, Cody’s tiny ass is already spilling over with fresh cum. The action continues, as Travis Woods and Clark Kent turn him into a suck and fuck toy. Travis delivers a huge cum shot and shoves it in, which leaves Clark Kent to breed his jizz slippery hole. Cole Sexton hears about the action and rushes in to clean up the pillage. He, then follows suit with a sweet, rhythmic fuck and delicious load of his own left spilling from Cody’s spent manhole. Alas, just when Cody thinks the party has ended, Victor Cody moves in and takes a favor of his own.


Sling Sloppy – 3 Way Group Sex

Guy Sizemore’s hole is aching for some raw action and group sex, so he heads for the bath house where he meets up with Ryan Masters and Jesie Mack. Guy drops to his knees and goes to work on Ryan’s 9 inch cock, sucking every inch as he takes it all the way down his throat. When Guy realizes Jesie is laying in the sling, waiting to have his 9 inches serviced, he shifts his attention to that cock in need and the 3 way group action really begins. Guy gets a good taste of Jesie’s tight hole, lapping it deep with his tongue and when he has his hole aching and wet he slides his cock in balls deep. The 3 guys take turns plowing Jesie’s ass until finally Guy gets his turn in the sling. Ryan steps up with his long hard rod and inserts it up his ass plowing him deep and steady until he blasts his creamy load into Guy’s willing butt. After close examination of Guy’s cum sloppy hole, Jesie shoves his cock in. Ryan is so turned on watching that he blows a second load all over Guy’s back, which sends Jesie over the edge as he fucks his cum into Guy’s hole.


Nick Noreaga and William King on Bareback Me Daddy

We find hairy bareback Daddy William King sporting his white cotton briefs and stroking his cock with anticipation, as he awaits the arrival of young boy Nick Noreaga. A knock at the door signals the arrival of Daddy’s bottom boy. It doesn’t take long to get Nick naked and go down on him. The two exchange blowjobs, before daddy gives Nick a good fingering and rimming to get his hole ready for a raw romp. What follows is a bareback sofa fuck that bottom boy takes in several positions. Daddy fucks his boy until he shoots all over his belly, while simultaneously seeding the young man’s ass.


Memorial Day Fuckfest DVD.

BY Director: Victor Cody

Starring: Victor Cody, Jake Edwards, Clark Kent, Scott Pierson, Devin Stone and several other hot horny men.

South Florida is really heating up by Memorial Day and there’s no better excuse for a hot pool party at Studio Cody. It doesn’t take long for guys to connect and raise their flag poles. Clark Kent takes his place in the sling as Jake Edwards steps up to pound the cum right out of him. Hungry ass and hard cock meet, as guys go back and forth sucking and fucking each other. The camera closes in on Devin Stone, as Clark Kent and Jake Edwards take turns filling his ass with their huge fat cocks, until Victor Cody and Travis Woods get in on the action. Watching is too much for Jake Edwards, as he sits back and strokes his dick into an explosive torrent of white sticky man juice. Travis fucks Trevor mercilessly, until he and Victor conclude the party by leaving Trevor laying in a massive shower of cum.



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BUTTY SYSTEM – Double Penetration


Victor met Cody Valentine at a pool party and has craved his sweet hairy ass ever since. When Cody called and said he wanted to try double penetration on film, Victor rose to the ocassion to get a piece of Cody’s gay slutty sweet ass and invited Travis Woods to help. Victor couldn’t wait so by the time Travis Wood’s arrivedVictor had Cody undressed and his hard tongue deep up Cody’s fuzzy asshole. After trading off licking and rimming, Victor slides his cock balls deep in that ass. Following a good pumping Victor relinquishes it to Travis who is eager to get that hole wrapped around his throbbing cock. Cody takes it like only an experienced bottom can until they decide to pump both of their cocks in him at the same time. Cody moans with satisfaction as their two cocks rub together in and out of his stretched hole. Victor is the first to loose it, emptying a massive squirt all over Cody’s cock filled! ass. Then he slides in and empties the rest of his heavy balls all over Travis’s cock inside of Cody. The two finally pull out and Travis pumps out his massive load for Cody to lick up. Travis sits on Cody’s face and Victor mounts his ass again. Victor soon explodes with a second huge load, causing Cody to erupt with a gargantuan torrent of white creamy thick semen.




Victor Cody XXX Steams Up New Orleans

Republished cSquirrel News.

Well it’s time to heat up New Orleans and what better way than with Victory Cody. Photographer, videographer and CEO of Studio Cody, he brings Travis Wood, Mac Brody, Dolf Detrick and Drew Sumrok to steam up Southern Decadence. Don’t miss out on these free events being held at Rawhide 2010 and Café Lafitte, host by Victory Cody and For more information and a list of events visit
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NEED FOR SEED – Release date August 18, 2015

BY Director: Victor Cody
Starring: Victor Cody, Dameon Sadi, Rick Jagger, Travis Woods, Casey Nation, Hector Duran, Jesie Mack, Ryan Masters, Guy Sizemore, Coach Austin and Jake Norris

When their balls are aching and their asshole is twitching these cum hungry bareback sluts will do anything to satisfy their Need for Seed. An ensemble of 13 hot, horny men stroke it out, pound it out, pump it out, dump it, spill it, breed it and share it with one another. Need for Seed meets the demand that must be filled.


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