About Studio Cody

Studio Cody is the full service adult gay video production company of Internationally Renowned Director, Photographer and Porn Star VICTOR CODY.


Studio Cody is raising standards and setting a benchmark for the adult industry in photography, videography, models and websites. “We are successful because the paramount priority for us is quality. Everything we do has intrinsic value and is based in our fundamental beliefs of humanity, sensuality, and inherent good. What we do is bring the mystery of human sexuality and we unfold it in such a way as to keep you wanting more”, says Cody.”We distribute our high standards throughout everything we do here at Studio Cody. Our clients come to us because they believe we are the best at what we do. The models come to us for the same reason”. Coming from a model background Cody knows that it is the respect and fairness that they find at Studio Cody that makes their models so faithful.

“We build relationships is what we do. We build them with our clients, with our models, our peers and with our community”, says Cody.